Completed Principal Photography on "Blood Drive" Pilot

This past weekend on December 10 & 11, myself and a great crew shot the Pilot episode "Evaluation" for the new web series "Blood Drive".  Two weeks prior, we built a killer office set at a photography studio in Moorpark, CA.  The day before shooting began, we pulled an ambulance into the studio and officially converted the building into an Ambulance Company for our characters to exist in.

The first day consisted of mostly interior ambulance scenes, in which we employed the "poor man's process".  A bit of an old-school technique, we projected video of moving street lights and buildings outside the windows of the vehicle.  In combination with bouncing on the ambulance bumber and swishing 1K lights through the windows, we convinced the camera that the vehicle was actually speeding down the street!  Lots of blood flowed and the actors were great!

The second day consisted of two actors verbally sparring in our office set.  No blood was shed, but the performances were killer!

Thanks to the awesome cast and crew who were mellow and efficient. I am really happy with the footage we captured and I think it is going to cut together to make a great episode!

Keep your eyes on for future updates and episode airings.


"Checkmate" is now an official entry in PGA Contest

Over the weekend of September 23-25, I DP'd another "weekend" short film.  This time it was for the Producer's Guild of America's "Weekend Shorts Contest".  The contest was established to honor the legacy of famous producer Debra Hill and support the Producers Guild’s Debra Hill Fellowship.


Most of the same crew we worked with on "Revelations" returned to help make this new film "Checkmate" a reality.  Similar to the "48 Hour Film Project", we had just 51 hours to write, shoot, edit and deliver the movie to remain an eligible entry into the contest.

Certain "Elements" were mandatory to include in our film.  The setting had to be HALLOWEEN.  Props used as story elements had to include: a CHESS KNIGHT, a CASSETTE TAPE and a KNITTING NEEDLE.  Thematic elements of the story had to include: ESCAPE, an UNLIKELY HERO or GRACE and FORGIVENESS.  We like to think we incorporated all the right elements into our movie to gain big points in the judging round.

Now we have to wait until November to find out how we faired in the judges eyes.  The judging panel includes a few of my personal heroes, Steve Buscemi and Paul "Pee-Wee" Reubens.

Thanks to all the great cast and crew who spent their weekend to help us make another great movie!  Can't wait to do it again.


".com" wins 2nd Place in Serling Competition!

It has been confirmed that my script ".com" has been awardes 2nd place in the Rod Serling Scriptwriting competition.  The award for first, second and third place were decided by Carol Serling, the late Rod's wife.

I have been invited to take part in the Rod Serling Conference in Ithaca, NY.  Sadly, I cannot attend, but it has been offered to me to join in via Skype so I can take part in the Q&A.  It should take place sometime around 2pm Pacific time.  Looking forward to it!


48 Hour Film Project "Revelations" receives awards!

I spent the weekend of August 5-7 taking part in the San Diego leg of the "48 Hour Film Project".  I was Director of Photography and 1st Camera Operator on a 6 1/2 minute short we titled "Revelations".  I collabortated with some great friends and we wrote, shot and edited the short in less than 48 hours, turning it in to the judges with only 11 minutes to spare!

On August 18, our film showed as part of 10 films in our screening group.  We won the Audience Favorite Award for the night!

Later that weekend, the judges awardes us with 'Best Use of the Go-ProHD Camera'!  We won an entire GoProHD camera package because of our efforts.  Thanks to Jeff Katz for his great underwater cinematography!

 It's always exciting to see that with the right group of people, you can make some great art in a short period of time.  Congrats to all the great cast and crew!  Can't wait to do it again soon.


Finished Principal Photography on New Feature "Own Worst Enemy"

For the past 15 days I have been spending my time shooting a new project "Own Worst Enemy".  I am Director of Photography / Camera Operator on this new Indie Feature, directed by husband and wife team Mike & Jessie Judd.

"Own Worst Enemy" is a Dark Time Travel Comedy with great acting from John Mattey and Jen Kelsey, among others.

I shot the entire movie on the Canon 5D Mark II, HDSLR camera on a Redrock Micro Shoulder mount rig and follow focus.  It was my first time using this camera and I am very happy with the quality of the footage and eager to see a cut of the film.  Since we shot much of the movie on a set with grid work on the ceiling, we were able to hang lights and illuminate the scenes more professionally than I have been able to on other limited indie projects.

Here is a production still of "Keaton" meeting his younger self in the past.

(The great thing about shooting on a HDSLR is that you can take production stills on the same camera that you are shooting the HD motion picture footage on.)