Why Do You Need a Medical Advisor?


For some, medical scenes can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never done one before. All the details that are needed to make a scene accurate and realistic can be overwhelming.

That’s where I come in.

I can help you with all the medical minutiae from the ground up. Everything from breaking down your scenes to suggesting equipment to use and helping to block action and tech your actors on set. You don’t have to do it alone, I am here to help.


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Darren has been working in the Film & TV Industry since 2003, including 6 seasons on the acclaimed NBC drama “E.R.”



Darren trained as an EMT, has worked in the field with several ambulance companies and is BLS Certified.

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Darren has a knowledge not only for the medical field, but also the language of cinema. He knows the fine line between what is real vs. what works for the camera. In the end this saves time & energy on set.

Some of the things Darren can advise you and your actors about on set:

  • Suturing Wounds

  • Casting Limbs

  • Medical Dialogue & Pronunciation

  • Blocking

  • CPR / Chest Compressions

  • Connecting Patients to Equipment

  • Ultrasounds

  • EMT / Paramedic Scenarios

  • ICU / Recovery Rooms

  • Heart Monitor Rhythm Simulations

  • Birthing Scenes

  • Surgeries